A First Course in Control Systems
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Auhtors : Waleed F. Faris & Sany I. Ihsan

ISBN : 9789833855650

Publisher : IIUM Press

Year : 2009

Pages : 250

Control system is one of the most important subjects in engineering that crossed the borders between many disciplines. Essential knowledge of the subject became a must after the rapid development in technology that made controls everywhere in all devices used in everyday life. It is our effort in this textbook to present a concise and clear textbook for the students who take control system for the first time. The chapters are sorted in a swquence, which will make the delivery more appreciated by the students. Also, we have included all the mathematics, needed to be known, within the textbook and minimized the use of mathematics to the necessary level. Another main feature of this book is the introduction of the history of control systems in Islamic history. This book grew out of the authors' experience in teaching the subject for the past three years and also from their research experience the field.