Spirituality and Sustainability: Experiences of the International Islamic University Malaysia
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Editor: Abdul Rashid Moten

ISBN: 9789674910488

Publisher: IIUM Press

Year: 2020

Page: 314

The International Islamic University Malaysia has, since 2018, redoubled its struggle to restore its wisdom, strengths, and dignity and promote comprehensive excellence. Hence, the University adopted the United Nations’ sustainable development agenda as a complement to the University’s vision and mission of Islamisation, Integration, Internationalisation and Comprehensive Excellence.  

The book explains the ways in which the SDGs will provide a new strategy to apply the concept of Islamisation, which has long been the foundation of the IIUM. Consequently, the university’s operations and facilities have been adjusted so that they become mediums in applying and showcasing a lifestyle that is sustainable. Everything in the university i.e. the curricular and extra-curricular courses, the research activities, and everyday operations in administrative offices and other places are geared towards sustainable development in line with the maqāṣid al-sharῑ‘ah. Elements of sustainability are integrated in every aspect of the university’s administration and, indeed, in teaching, research and community engagement. Consequently, the IIUM has adopted “Humanising Higher Education through maqāṣid al-sharῑ‘ah  and SDGs” as its official strategic mission.