Al-Shura Wa Tatbiqatuha Fi Majal Al-Nushuz Wa Al-Shiqaq
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Authors : Muhammad Faizul Haque, Noor Mohammad Osmani.

ISBN : 9789674189846

Publisher : IIUM Press

Year : 2019 (2nd Reprint)

Pages : 180

The disobedience (Nushūz) and dissension (Shiqāq) in marriage are among the major issues faced by Muslim families. The disputes may occur due to trivial reasons resulting in divorce and permanent separation among the spouses. The Qur’anic scholars (Mufassirūn) laid special emphasis on resolving the marital disputes by applying the lessons from the Qur’anic ayāt and Prophetic ahadīth (traditions). The family problems could largely be reduced by applying the Qur’anic method of Shura (consultancy) as reflected in the Qur’an al-Karim, the Prophetic life and the examples of the Companions of the Prophet (pbuh). The study gathers all Qur’anic ayāt and relevant ahadīth of the Prophet and the Companions related to family disputes and its amicable solution. It investigates the main reasons and conditions of Nushūz and Shiqāq between spouses. The book describes the relevant terms, such as al-Shūrā, Usrah (family), Nushūz and Shiqāq. It asserts that the above marital problems could be resolved or at least be minimized through consultancy. Mutual respect, gratitude, understanding, preaching, counseling and advising are among the most effective means to resolve family crisis and restore peace and happiness in the family. The book demonstrates, through numerous examples from the life of the Prophet and his noble companions, that the spouse may discover the causes and solutions of Nushūz and Shiqāq in their marital life based on consultancy. Its application in family increases mutual respect, love and affection and decreases in-home fighting, constant shouting and irreparable disputes among families.