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Introduction to Basic Medical Sciences
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Editor : Pakeer Oothuman Syed Ahamed

ISBN : 9789674184841

Publisher : IIUM Press

Year : 2018

Pages : 124

Students who obtain excellent grades in biology in their end of secondary school examinations sometimes think that the only career open for them s becoming doctors, dentists, pharmacists etc. Also parents at times coerce their children to choose careers that they believe are prestigious and financially rewarding. Sadly on occasions very intelligent students have had to leave a particular medical programme after ‘slogging’ for a year or two, changing to a more suitable course. Thus a sound advice is for students to choose programmes that they like, and that fits their aptitude. If this is done their future careers will a source of joy rather than a chore. This book offers a 'peek' overview of the subjects in first two years in most medical and health related programmes. Herein is a collection fo simple intorductions to the major disciplines in basic medical sciences such as anatomy (embryology, histology), biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, parasitlogy, pathalogy and pharmacology. Students who are in the Matriculation years, Form 5, Form 6 or A Level(biology major) who wish to pursue a programme in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing or any of the health related programme can benefit from reading these introductory chapters, and also decide if this is the field they wish to study. They will know what they are getting into. This is the main aim of this book. Students who have already entered a medical/ health programme can better prepare themselves for the preclinical years. Diagrams and cartoons are meant to help understand the content and amuse the readers.